SC Adds Support for UAW Strike

Employees at a Charlotte, NC GM packaging facility near the South Carolina border are among the 50, 000 nationwide who participated in a strike that began Sept. 16th. It ended the last part of October.
That UAW local is a member of the SC AFL-CIO. The union wanted GM to relocate some vehicles built in Mexico to two US plants currently slated to close. Four plant closings were planned that would affect 3000 workers in Lordstown, Ohio; Detroit; Warren, Michigan and Baltimore.
The UAW Local 2404 President Marc Mcquillen says he appreciates supporters coming from other locations including South Carolina to help with the strike. "The support was huge, from all over, which is really important as this local and all the rest are were determined to see this through."
The union also wanted temp workers to be made regular employees and is discussing pay and benefits. One National Writer's Union web story states that at some GM plants as many as half of the employees are classified as temporary, which means much less pay and benefits as well as precarious hours (NWU is a local under the UAW, created in 1981). But union officials say that thankfully the number of temps is not that great at all GM facilities. McQuillen says at the Charlotte facility the number of temp workers was small, and gradually reduced until there was only one, and that he joined the UAW before the strike began.
SC AFL-CIO Pres. Erin McKee celebrated her birthday on a Sat. afternoon by passing out cupcakes to all who participated.