Press Release - SC AFL-CIO


Statement from SC AFL-CIO President Charles Brave on the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021

 [Columbia, SC] – Today, South Carolina AFL-CIO President, Charles Brave Jr., called on President Donald Trump and United States Senator Lindsey Graham to resign in the wake of the attack on the United States Capitol Wednesday, January 6, 2021. “American Democracy came under attack last week. Making matters worse, it was an inside job lead by the president of the United States and his enablers like Lindsey Graham. We cannot stand for this in America. Trump must resign immediately, and Graham should follow.” Brave remarked.  Lindsey Graham is an embarrassment to South Carolina and the United States as a whole. His remarks rebutting Trump’s recent actions are too little too late. Graham has been a willing player in the Trump game over the past four years which lead to this moment. “Once again, Pence has proven to put his own self-interests above those of the American people. His unwillingness to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove a dangerous man from the presidency should alarm all Americans. It is becoming clearer Trump will not resign. We cannot wait for January 20th to arrive. Congress must take action and impeach then remove Trump out of office as soon as possible.” remarked Brave.

We are in a battle for our democracy. There is no room for error here. Too much is at stake.