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Vice President

Nate Walker

My name is Nathaniel Walker and most people who know me call me Nate. I was born and raised in South Carolina in the Lowcountry. Upon graduating from high school, I joined the US Army, where I remained for the next twenty two years. I work for the US Postal Service, at the Columbia Process and Distribution Center and I have one son, Nathan, and I have two grandsons. I hold a four year degree in Business Management and have attended numerous Union related classes, to include an intense week long class on how the arbitration process of a grievance is handled from beginning to end. I began my postal career as a City Carrier in Kershaw, SC in 1996. I eventually transferred to the Columbia SC Processing & Distribution Center in 1997, at which time I became a Motor Vehicle Service Operator. I have been a member of the Union from the very beginning and will be to the very end. In 1999, I ran for the office of Motor Vehicle Service Craft Director Local 807, and the South Carolina State American Postal Workers Union State Motor Vehicle Craft Director, and held both positions through 2006. In 2006 I ran for President of the APWU Columbia Areal Local 807, and was elected President from 2006-2008. I further served as Vice president for the Columbia Areal Local 807 for four Years. I also served as South Carolina State American Postal Workers Union Vice President from 2009-2013. I further served as an Executive Board member for the SCAFL-CIO, from 2010-2020, and for the past eight years I have been serving as the South Carolina State American Postal Workers Union President